Its all about – Halloween.

Trick or Treat, Halloween is on its way. With only 6 days left for the real spooky festival I am giving my list of some – “Must have Halloween apps” to make your Halloween even more spooky….AAHAHAHAHA

1) House of horror

House of horror

For your viewing pleasures House of horror has over one hundred horror movies available, so what are you waiting for download this app on your Android device for just $ 0.99 to enjoy a Halloween horror movie marathon.

2) Send musical greetings


Now let me tell you one thing before we start talking about this app, this app is not just for Halloween. In fact it is a app that allows you to send musical greetings made by you to your friends and family. The service is named Jam a Gram by its owner and creator website – Now all you have to do is speak a message and Jam a Gram will convert it into a musical greeting.

3) Halloween

Halloween is a all in one app consisting of a library full of free Halloween ringtones, wallpapers, costume ideas and more. The app is available for a free download from iOS store. 

4) Halloween soundlab

Halloween soundlab
This app is a real spooky prankster that you can use to spook your friend. When its all dark and silent on the Halloween night use this app to play eerie sounds that will leave your friends and family terrified. The app is available on the iOS platform for $ 0.99.

5) Creepy Tales

Creepy Tales
This is my personal favorite app in the list. It reminds me of the time when I and my sister used to listen to horror stories on the radio which left both of us completely freaked out and simply – “TERRIFIED”. Now with this app called “Creepy Tales” you can listen horror stories on the Halloween evening with your friends and family and only the bravest shall survive. The app is available for free on the Android store.
Well my list is over but there are hundreds of apps and services out there on the net to make your Halloween your Halloween. For more apps check out the list by –
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