Raipur’s ethical hacker in Google’s “Hall of fame”.

Monendra SahuAn ethical hacker from Raipur, Monendra Sahu has reportedly been added to Google’s “Hall of fame” at 11th spot in the world. The code cracking master has hacked some of the most secure networks on the World Wide Web, like website of – Microsoft, Google, Nokia , Blackberry, Yahoo and many others. He was many times awarded by his targets and has received money prizes from some of the site given above which range from 100$ to 20000$ USD. The white hat is a mining  engineer from National Institute of Technology (NIT), India. Recently the bug-bounty program by many websites on the net have encouraged hackers to look for security vulnerability in their website.

GoogleSahu said, “There are websites which are highly vulnerable and can easily be hacked. I informed them about the loopholes in their security systems. After they verified my claims, they included me in the list.” He has also been helping the state police cybercell and giving them the necessary training. 

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