The best football game is in, yes its FIFA 14

My grandpa once told me a slogan- “hockey by strategy, cricket by chance and football by – power, speed, and strategy”, well I forgot this quote the same day he told it to me! but after playing this game, oh yes! I can experience the speed, power and strategy in this game. FIFA14 as we all know is the brand new game in the Fifa series by Electronic Arts. You all must be totally agreeing that this game is the best in the series, and well its is. The game is developed by EA Canada and is published by Electronic Arts. The best thing is that there are many real stadiums used in this game along with real team, but this is common in all of the FIFA series. There is a very high level of detail in this game, which is why I love this game even more. There is more precision movement in the game which gives a more realistic feel of football, precision movement is basically the science of movement. Shots can and will now swerve, dip, bend and rise, “Pure Shot doesn’t make shooting more accurate or less accurate or more effective. It just makes it understandable.” said Kantcho, So last year,” he continues, “if the ball was played in behind you, you may have had an animation which warps back, and slides you to that position and then you kick it. It didn’t make sense. Now it’s more understandable. Why did he miss that shot? Oh, because he was off balance, oh because he was sprinting, oh because the ball was underneath his feet.”

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