Top URL shortening services that Pay

Gone are the days when bloggers had just one program to earn revenue -“Gloogle AdSense”, but now there are hundreds of programs each with different adantages and disadvantages. In the past years many URL shortening services have come up.
Below is small list –

1) Infolinks

These are one of the biggest players on the web. These people don’t just offer paying URL shortening service but they even give other types of ads.


These people are secod because they don’t have all the ad. type offers that Infolink can offer, and they also don’t have gadgets and analytics as good as Infolinks and

3) and Linkbuck

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They shoud have been on top of the list, but they are not. Why, because from past 3 weeks I am not able to access their website, not from Google, not from, Bing and not even from the link in TechCruch’s review of them.

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