World’s 1st INVISIBLE tower

A glass-encased skyscraper in South Korea will use LED lighting and cameras to create a “reflective skin” on its exterior,making it seem as if it has disappeared.

invisible tower

  • Referred to as Infinity Tower,this 1,476-feet-tall skyscraper is designed by Charles Wee.
  • It will be fitted with cameras placed at three different heights on six sides of the building.
  • The images captured by them will be projected on 500 rows of LED screens and constantly rotated,scaled and merged so that instead of the building ,passersby will see a seamless panoramic scene of the tower, which itself acts as an ‘invisible’ interface.
  • Architects have also added controls so that the level of invisibility can be decreased or increased at any given time, with just the flick of a button.
  • This means that the entire building can appear or disappear on the whim of the manager!
  • It will have the third highest observation deck in the world.There will also be shops, restaurants, movie theaters, a water park,etc.
  • Once completed, it will be world’s sixth highest tower.
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