Chet Kanojia – The man behind the worlds smallest T.V. reception antennae.

Chet Kanojia

Chet Kanojia started a company two years ago and then developed the worlds smallest T.V. reception antennae that would pick up broadcasters channels for free. When he took this idea to America’s some of the biggest T.V. broadcasters, they according to Kanojia, simply replied – “We’ll see you in court”. In one corner will be powerful broadcasting companies like – ABC, NBC, CBS and on the other will be the founder of Aereo – Chet Kanojia. The companies have filed the case claiming that Chet is “stealing” their programs via his antennae for just $8/Month (the price was intolerable to the companies).


Chet is positive that the court will favor him. According to NDTV, he said,”I can’t imagine they won’t be on the side of innovation,” he says, “cloud-based innovation in particular because it is so consumer-friendly.”


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