Top 3 ways to increase backlinks to your blog.

To make a popular blog or website you should have your websites links on other quality blogs, these will not just increase your traffic quality, but it will also make you rank high in the Google index, less bounce rate and there are chances that you will increase your comments by almost 30%.

The way it is done by most inexperienced bloggers is that they just use the old method of leaving their links in comments that they do on other popular blogs. This will not make any difference as, these days pro bloggers have become smart, they activate the no-follow attribute for the links in comments, this means that those links are not passing juice.

The way Pro Bloggers do it
These people are very clever and spend hours and days in building thousands of “QUALITY” backlink (By quality, I mean that you have links on blogs similar to yours, for example: There is no use of a tech blogs link on a blog related to fashion designing or food recipes). Below are some of the best ways to build backlinks  –

1) Do justice to social networking websites:

Many people use Facebook or Twitter to publicize their websites, you should also use other websites like –
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • MySpace  (good if your blog is related to music)
  • YouTube
  • Bebo
  • Pintrest
  • YouTube
Use services like IFTTT to sync your blog and social media accounts. Make pages for your blog on the websites given above, then do cross-promotion to increase impressions and clicks. If you are ready to spend a little money you can easily make your blogs page popular. Are you thinking what is popularizing your blog on social media got to do with increasing backlinks? Well when you create social media accounts (of course maintain them nicely) then there are chances of you getting recommendations. If your posts are unique they will soon go viral. You can even tell some open groups on Facebook about your blog.

2) Don’t comment on blog, use forums:

As I told you why you should stop wasting time in comments on blogs, this does not apply on forums. Forums don’t use the no-follow attributes. There are two tricks that I use –
  • Give a normal answer and then at the end give the link to your blog/ website, (usually get less than 100 views, even on good forums like Stakoverlow and DigitalInspiration)
  • Pick up a question that you know well and can be answered quickly, then post about that topic on your blog, go back and give the link to the post you just wrote on a forum.
You can even try the tricks above on –
  • Yahoo Answers
  •  Quora

    3) Use Wikipedia:

    Did you just think – “WHAT??”. I don’t blame you, I get that reaction many times, but yes Wikipedia is one of the best ways to get backlinks, and because its so much trusted and ranked high in the Google Index, you will get lots, trust me lots of traffic (10000 – 50000/month). There are again two ways to do this –
    • Make a new page related to any topic of your website/ blog, post 3 to 4 posts related to that topic on your blog,( also post about topics related to that topic you are posting, example: if I am posting about backlinks I may also include keywords like Google Index and Algorithms and write posts about them too. – This is the tough method
    • Find broken links on Wikipedia. You can find the trick to do so on Then write a post related to that topic on your blog and then replace the link on Wikipedia with yours.

      So, know you have managed to increase your traffic by thousand. You are now probable getting 40000 to 80000 views daily. Wonder how to turn these visitors into subscribers? I will soon write a post related to it.
      Howdy! I’m Apurva Nagar a Blogger, Technology Geek, and Coding Enthusiast. I simply love anything related to computer science. I am the Founder and Admin. of Electric Web – An online tech. magazine for geeks.

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