What is SEO and what are its advantages ?

SEO is acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Now, as the name suggests SEO is way to make your website appear better in search engines. SEO can not only make space for you in the Google index but can also improve your audience quality and quantity. Now, before we go deeper I would like to tell a thing –

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1) SEO cannot be learned overnight – Yes, this is the fact, you cant just read this post and start      practicing SEO and become a Millionaire overnight. You will need a decent time to first learn SEO and then it will take you months to implement it, but remember – “Hardwork always pays GOOD results”.

The main focus of SEO is to get you website in the Google index. To do that you should go to this website and submit your URL to the Google people, but remember they do not index every website/blog, if your blog does not get in the index by a week then contact us via our contact form ( bottom of right side-bar ) with your websites URL. We will review it and then tell you what the problem is.

Once your website/blog is in the Google index you want it to look better in the search results, to do that you have to learn about Google’s Search Anatomy. You can find the official thing in your Webmaster tools account, just log in to you Webmaster tools account and click on the  – “i” button beside the Search Appearance tab on the left.

Our blog in Google Index

Now that you know the Google Search Anatomy you should start by adding rich snippets to your website.

As we have to keep this post small and not reveal all the SEO tricks in just one single post we have just one more thing for you. Read this Official SEO for Beginners PDF by Google  .

You are not finish now, you have to learn a lot, and when I say a lot I mean that you should subscribe to our Blog and our YouTube Channel as we are soon going to come up with some more content related to SEO.

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  1. Vijayakumar says

    i’m new to blogging. i don’t know much about backlinks. i have edu site. i heard that if we register manually for backlinks it consider as spam. is it true??? please reply me if anyone knows much about backlinks. Admin pls replpy..

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