EA Web page transformed into Apple ID phishing scheme

Using some tricks, hackers have been able to breach the EA servers and have converted one of its pages into a fake Apple log in screen.Once users logged on to the fake site, they were prompted to input their credit card numbers, date of birth, and other personal information. EA has said that the situation have been controlled.The phishing site attempts to trick a user into submitting his Apple ID and password. It then presents a second form which asks the user to verify his full name, card number, expiration date, verification code, date of birth, phone number, and other details that would be useful to a hacker. After submitting these details, the user is redirected to the real Apple Web site. This is not the first time EA’s server has been hacked, years ago there was an attack which led to not being able to access EA’s online Scrabble game (This happened many years ago and you might not know about this).Then there was another attack in 2011. It is not clear if any user data has been stolen though.

The fake Apple log-in screen set up by hackers


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