How to add a new website/blog in Google Analytics

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We all know, Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statics reports about a website’s traffic. There are various features in Google Analytics. Though Google Analytics is very easy to use, many people have asked me, How to add a new website/blog in Google Analytics, and this is the reason that I am posting this tutorial on Electric Web.

1) Go to –  and click on “Access Google Analytics” button present on the upper-right corner of your computer screen.
2) Click on the “Admin” page link present on the upper-center part of your screen. 

Admin in Google Analytics
3) Under the “Property heading” click once on the drop-down menu and click on, “Create new property”.
adding new website in Google Analytics
4) In the page that appears, fill all the required details, i.e., Website Name, URL, Time Zone, etc. and then click on “Get Tracking ID” to get a tracking code for the website you just registered.

Tracking ID in Google Analytics
5) Copy the given code and paste it anywhere (most preferably under the <head> tag) of the page whose traffic you want to analyze .
That’s it! Now return back to “Home”. NOTE – Stats for a newly registered website or blog might start showing only after 24 hours.
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