How to change the template of Blogger blog.

If you have created a Blogger blog, then you must be knowing that the look of blogs on Blogger is very dull and will make you look like an amateur. The default templates offered by them are too simple and don’t have good UI.

How To Change

  1. Download the third-party template that you want for your blog.
  2. If the .XML file (of the template) is in a .zip folder, export it on your computer’s desktop.
  3. Open the Dashboard of your Blogger blog —> click on Backup/restore template. Then click once on “choose file option” and upload the XML file that you exported on your computers desktop.
  4. Make the changes in the code of your template (like add your websiites pages, your fb page, etc.) by clicking on the “Edit HTML” option  under heading “Live on blog”.
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