How to customize your Blogger blog (part 2)

If you have created a Blogger blog, then you must be knowing that the look of blogs made using Blogger is very unprofessional and will make you looks like an amateur in your subject. The templates offered by them are to simple and don’t have good User Interface (UI). Now what do I actually mean by term “professional look” –

Templates provided by Blogger
  • The looks of your website should be a very interactive one so that the audience interacts and this will increase the clicks and impressions on your website.
  • Your bounce rate should decrease.
  • Your website should get ranked higher on search engines like Yahoo search, Google,  Bing, and even Duckduckgo.
  • You increase your revenue.
Now you must be thinking that why should you make your Blogger blog looks professional? 
There can be a thousand points for this, below are just the important ones – 
  • Converting your audience in subscribers: The popularity of a blog is judged by the amount of loyal readers is has, that is, the number of subscribers that it has. If you will not have a professional design which is well optimized for converting your websites visitors into subscribers then you will not be able to succeed in your mission of getting a loyal audience.
  • Decreasing your website’s bounce rate: Bounce rate represents the percentage of people who visited your blog but “bounced” (left the site) with out interacting with it or visiting other pages. 
  • Letting search engines find you: Monetizing your website’s look by adding Breadcrumbs is an example of customizing your website’s look for increasing visibility on search engines.

So, are you convinced now that you should customize and give your Blogger blog a more professional look. Below I have given a step-by-step guide to do so –

Customizing your blog’s template:

As I said earlier, Blogger does not offer good templates, but you can always use third-party templates or even use your custom template. Below are the top five templates that I believe are the best.

Best Blogger Templates

How To Change

  1. Download the template that you want to use for your blog.
  2. If the XML file is in a .zip folder, export it on your computer’s desktop.
  3. Open the Dashboard of your blog > Backup/restore template. For precaution download your old template by clicking on “Download full template”. Then click on “choose file” and upload the XML file.
  4. Make the necessary changes in the code of your template by clicking on the “Edit HTML” option present under heading “Live on blog”.

Widgets for building email lists

To reach a larger audience it is necessary for a blog to make an email list. People who want to do it quick contact spammers and result in being banned by major search engines and websites and yes SPAMMING IS A CRIME. But it takes a lot of time to make an email list, so below I have given two widgets that you can use to fetch the email of your audience, the legal way – 

Adding Dublin Core

These are set of vocabulary terms that can be used to describe a full range of web resources. If you add this metadata then there are chances that you can increase your rank in search engines for specific keywords. The most easy way to generate Dublin Core is to use Dublin Core Generator.

Add Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs on

These are navigational elements that tell you that in which part of the website you currently are. You can see a nice example of Breadcrumbs on Flipkart. Adding these will also show them in the search results due to the Microdata specification in the code. You can add Breadcrumbs in Blogger by following this simple tutorial.


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