NVIDIA® SHIELD™   is a revolutionary  gaming and entertainment device designed for the modern gamer. It combines the power of the world’s fastest mobile processor, NVIDIA Tegra® 4, with a 5–inch tablet display and console-grade game controller.It gives you the freedom to play all your favorite Androidgames with new levels of precision, wirelessly stream GeForce®GTX-powered PC games, blast your favorite music, and fly an AR Drone. SHIELD gives you a great way to play HD movies at up to 4K resolutions.It makes it easy to stream your favorite PC games over Wi–Fi with amazing graphics, sound, and the precision of a console–grade game controller to play anywhere in the house.


One can even fly their AR Drones if they have one(they are very costly, of-course).You can say that if you have money it is recommended for you but if you don’t have,just dream(it costs $299).If you want to buy, buy it from http://store.nvidia.com/buyshield only. Want to know more about NVIDIA Shield?

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