Websites to send free SMS via Internet – Top 3

best website to send free sms via internet These days people do lots of message chat on their phones, and sending many messages will cost you a lot especially when you are like me and send SMS to people across the world. Services like Whatsapp, Line and WeChat are available but, what if the person whom you want to send a SMS does not have Whatsapp or any other such instant messaging service installed on his handset?Then you use Websites to send free SMS via Internet. But, not all websites are reliable, most of them just save your number and spam you with idiotic messages everyday. This is the reason why I am giving you this list, yes, this is – “Top 3 – Websites to send free SMS via Internet.” :

3) afreeSMS

send a free sms

This website allows you to send free messages not only in India, but all around the world, yes this is  a International Free Text Messaging Service. And you can send Unlimited SMS. There is no registration needed for using this service.

aFreeSms –

“We provide FREE global SMS coverage services with more than 640 mobile network operators worlwide. Check out the countries available in our list and have fun by sending free SMS to your loved ones for Free!”

2)  Way2SMS

sms charges for BSNL

You can send free SMS to any mobile network user in India. 100% reliable, it is one of the fastest growing portal with around 36 Million users.  I won’t speak any more about this service after seeing these numbers on their website –

“We consider every message as highly time critical, So, we have tailored our platform to deliver every single message in less than 10 seconds time. Our Robust and highly scalable infrastructure can deliver over 2000 messages per second. Our top quality delivery coupled with exceptional delivery speed has made way2sms highly popular among the internet users.”

The only con is that they have lots of ads. on the website, some of them are even pop-ups.

1) FreeSMS2Mobile

virgin mobile

You can send 197 character long free SMS across the world. It is one of the worlds leading SMS provider. Honored by the HSBS award, they are recognized by large mobile companies like –

  • Virgin mobile
  • T – Mobile
  • O2
  • Orange
  • Vodaphone

You can even send –

  • Bulk SMS
  • Email to SMS

BUT! you will have to register first.

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