What is Social Engineering?

What is social engineering

If you are interested in computer programming and security, then you would have probably heard about the term – Social Engineering. But, ever wondered what it actually is?

Social Engineering is a way to intrude or we can even say, crack into any websites DBMS, servers, computers, ATMs, etc. This type of unauthorized access is heavily relied on human interactions and involves playing a bluff game and tricking people. So basically, a social engineer tries to find the information that can compromise the system, he gets it by winning the confidence of the person who already has access to the important information, like – passwords, ip, SQL queries, Server security encryption, etc.

Who uses it?

Kevin Mitnick

People who write viruses use social engineering tactics to persuade the people to run the malware, worm, viruses, etc. Even pishers use it to steal the log in information  (of a particular website.) of people.

The world famous hacker (now turned security professional), Kevin Mitnik used social engineering for various notorious acts like –

Bypass the punch card system used in the Los Angeles bus system. He broke into DEC’s computer network and copied their software.  Mitnick also intercepted and stole computer passwords, altered computer networks, and broke into and read private e-mail. 

Why is social engineering possible?

Why is social engineering possible.
Now that is a nice question, but if you need an in-depth answer for it then you should probably ask this question to a human psychologist. Yes technology plays a big role, but in this case it is just a tool. The nature of Homo Sapiens plays a bigger role. People add a person (who pinged them) to their friend list. People give their passwords to friends and family members. People never log out and give their computer to anybody to use. These are some aspects that give rise to social engineering.
I will soon write an article related to how to not get caught in this con game of social engineering. 
NOTE – This post/article was just to tell people about social networking. No illegal hacking/cracking attempts were done during writing this article. This article is just for Educational purposes. Please read our privacy policy and disclaimer/documentation for more information.

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