How to do keyword research using Google Adwords keyword planner.


Keyword research is one of the most important part of SEO. It doesn’t matter how good your article is, if lyou haven’t done proper keyword research then your posts will surely not get indexed in Google or any other major search engine, even if they do you will find them on 8th or perhaps 10th page. The solution: Do keyword research using Google keyword planner, a tool provided by Google Adwords.

So, basically the Adwords keyword planner tool is for finding highly searched but low competition keywords for ads on Google. But we will harness its power for doing correct keyword research for our blog articles. I have divided this tutorial into three main part:

1) How to find highly searched keywords using the tool.
2) How to find if any keyword has high competition.
3) How to use the keywords found correctly in your article.

How to find keywords using Google keyword planner

If you are a new blog or you don’t have high rankings then you should target highly searched but low competition keywords. Finding a highly search keyword is simple, just follow these steps:-
  1. Go to Google Adwords
  2. Sign up or log in, and set up your account. Note:- You must be 18 or above to have an Adwords account. If you are not 18 then just make another Google account and keep your age 18 or above in that.
  3. Now on the top navigation link, hover on tools and click on Keyword Planner.
  4. You will get something like this:
  5. Now just fill in the keyword for which you need to do research.
  6. You can even chose other options like searching for a particular location, avoiding negative keywords, etc. Click on Get ideas.
  7. Let the screen load, after that click on Ideas.
  8. You will see the number of searches for that particular keyword.
  9. You will also get a list of other keywords related to it and the no of searches per month (shortlist anything between 1.2K to 3K if you are new).
  10. You will also see the competition, BUT this is for ads so, don’t get fooled!

How to analyze the competition for a keyword


Finding the keyword was quiet easy, right? Well now we have to analyze the competition manually. Just Google the keyword that you have selected. Now check the Alexa, PR, Index ranks, etc. of the websites/blogs on the first page, for this I recommend you to install Alexa toolbar and SEO Quake extension for Chrome. Check the following things to see if the keyword that you selected is apt for use:-

  1. Check the PR (Must be below 4)
  2. Check the Alexa (Must be above 50, 000)

If you find more that 3 websites that don’t satisfy the conditions above then just forget about that keyword and analyze other keywords similar to it.

 How to use the keyword properly in your article


Seeing the results for any query searched on Google you can get an idea where your keyword should be placed for high ranking. This is my observation:-

  1. You should use it in your article’s title/heading.
  2. You should use it at least once in the body of your post (in the first 100 words).
  3. You should use it in your permalink.
  4. You should use it in your search descriptions or meta description.
  5. Using synonyms of the keyword in the main post body is a good idea as it increases the probability of your post to rank high on search results.

And you are done! Feel free to ask any queries you have using the comment box below. 

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