How to make money with affiliate marketing using social websites.

Yes, just as I promised in our earlier post – “Top 5 best affiliate programs in 2014.” today I will tell you how to make money with affiliate marketing. It is not necessary to have a blog! Yes, you can even earn using social websites like Facebook and Twitter.

But before that there are a few points that you should keep in mind:

  • Build authority for your niche.
  • Try to build a mailing list.
  • Write review on things related to your niche and make sure that the product is best.
  • Enrich your review with screenshots and stats.
  • Showing ratings and testimonials is a great idea.

So here it is:-

1) Use your affiliate link in posts. 

Yes, you should use your affiliate link when writing product review, doing comparison between to products, and even game reviews. If you have a “loyal” audience of about a 1000/day then you have a good chance of earning $$$. But, don’t just put the affiliate link like that! For example I am writing a post on a Dell Inspiron 15 then instead of giving a link to official website of Dell you should use your Flipkart/Amazon etc. affiliate link, like this: Dell Inspiron 15 (aff. link) or (See aff. policy – give link to aff. policy). 

2) Give a list of the resources you use.

Link to Pat Flynn’s resource page on The Smart Passive Income Blog.

I learned this from famous blogger – Pat Flynn. The resource page is both helpful for the audience and can make you a good amount of money. Don’t forget to tell your audience again and again about the page! In the resource page include all the tools, widget, hosting, softwares, etc that you are using to make your blog better. Then you can give affiliate link to the product page. For example, if I use BlueHost hosting and I put it on my resource page and give an affiliate link then I can earn lots of money. BUT! Don’t forget to refer your audience to the page, no one visits a resource page just like that!

3) Give coupons and discount codes.

You must be using a hosting service or you must have registered a domain. If you have then you will get coupons and discount code by the company for some of their products. Well give them to your audience – For FREE! Everyone likes a discount 🙂 so just write a post on it for example:- “Discount codes for .com domains on GoDaddy 2014.” But you must be thinking how will you earn? Just the same way you were earning before, use your affiliate link!! You can even ask your visitors like this:-

I am giving you these discount codes for free. If you are going to buy this domain then please do me a favor – kindly use this link (insert link) to buy it, I will earn a little commission. Don’t worry you will not have to pay extra. I shall be thank full to you! Please read our affiliate policy for more info.

4) Use the power of your mailing list. 

If you have a mailing list with around 2K to 5K “GENUINE” email ids then you can earn lots lots lots of – $$$$!! How? Inform them of the latest upgrades, discounts, etc. on a product. For example, I use a template from ThemeForest and the price of the template got slashed by $10, then I can inform the people in my mailing list, and by asking them to buy using my affiliate link I can earn Hard Cash!

5) What do you think Facebook and Twitter are for?

This is the most easy way to earn a commission. Let us see it step by step:-
  • Join groups like “Computer Tricks” where people ask questions like -“Which laptop should I buy?” you have to do nothing, just leave your affiliate link there like this – “Hey, I think Dell is best for you. It is an amazing laptop, you can see the full specs here (give link). For more info/queries drop me a mail or PM me 🙂
  • Start a Flipkart Cashback program on your Facebook page. I cannot explain in detail about it but yes you can get info about it here or just mail me at – ApurvaNagar[At]Gmail[Dot]Com (I hate spammers – “DMCA Protected”).


  • Just search for terms like – “Where can I buy a cheap laptop in India” then drop your affiliate link. Twitter works fine, but there are not as many sales as on Facebook.
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