Interview of tech blogger Suprabhat Mondal from WorldTechBuzz.


Hey, guys this is the first interview conducted by Electric Web. We hope you will like it. I interviewed tech blogger Suprabhat Mondal who is an uprising Pro blogger. He is the Founder of WorldTechBuzz. I hope you will like the interview guys, and yes don’t hesitate to comment.

Here we go!

1) Okay, so first I would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to interview you.

Thank you a lot. It is my pleasure to get interviewed by you Apurva!
2) You are a known blogger, but can you please tell something about yourself?

I am a simple guy from Indore. I am currently pursuing my 2nd year of Civil Engineering from a known college Medicaps. Basically I am from a Middle Class family, my family wants me to study hard so that I can become a well known and respected person in the society.

3) How did your blogging journey actually start?

Date: 11th December 2014, I was surfing the Internet for “How to Make Money Online” then I Found a website where we have to click on some ads and to do some surveys to earn money, but it was just time consuming and fake. Then I landed on Shoutmeloud (by Harsh Agarwal), where I read topic like “how to create blog” and  how we can earn lots of money by monetizing a blog and putting in a little hard work.
I am inspired by Amit Agarwal of and Harsh agarwal of Shoutmeloud, they are my greatest inspiration.

4) What do you think made you successful as a blogger?

Smart and Hard Work is the most essential quality a blogger should have to become successful in the blogosphere, as there are millions of bloggers, competition is huge, so we need to work smartly. I read various quality blogs to achieve successful. has played an Important role, and Iftkehar Ahemed, he was my mentor if I had any problem he was always there to help me and solve my problem.

5) You are a students as well as a blogger, how are you able to manage both: studies and blogging?

Its the toughest part of my life, to manage both and mostly studies as a blogger. Whatever I do in my mind everything which is running in my mind is about blogging because I believe in planning first, then working. But anyhow I manage to give 2-3 hours to blogging and sharing of my blog post to all social medias to maintain readership.

6) Please tell us something about your blog, WorldTechBuzz.

WorldTechBuzz is my 1st ever popular blog, which I had created as Digital Sphere with a blospot free hosting but in March 2014 I bought the domain World Tech Buzz.

The Purpose of this site is to help you to create your own blog/ website, I am always ready to solve your problems related to blogging or your personal life and to take maximum advantage of software tools and recent web technology at your place, so that you can spend more time doing things what you love.

7) How many blogs do you acctually manage right now?

Right now I manage only 1 that’s WorldTechBuzz but sometime back, I had created many blogs, some were on Fashion others on Automobiles and Modern India but after that I Started Concentrating on the authority of my main blog – WorldTechBuzz. But in some days I am going to create another multi-niche blog or should I say an event blog with a new team – Iftekhar, Paul, Vinay, Devashish and some more people.

8) Good to hear that. Do you have any tips for our readers and newbie bloggers?

Yes I have many tips but not in my mind, you will find them in my blog. And as many say “Content is the King” but I would say with content you have to work smartly and the most toughest thing for newbie blogger is that in starting you have to do a lot of hard work and have to give large amount of time to create a Successful Blog after that you can even take a break for 2 days (lol). Always be consistent to achieve something.

9) What do you feel about our blog Electric Web?

Electric Web is really a “great upcoming popular blog” if you continue doing hard work then you will become very popular shortly. It will be tough for you guys as you have chosed tech as your niche, where competition is much more high than any other niche. But you are doing great, hard work will surely make very successful.

Me: Thank you for answering all our question Suprabhat. You are a great blogger with amazing skill. It was fun interviewing you. Wish you luck!

Suprabhat: All the best to you, hope to see you with some more tricks. Good luck Electric Web team.

The End.
Howdy! I’m Apurva Nagar a Blogger, Technology Geek, and Coding Enthusiast. I simply love anything related to computer science. I am the Founder and Admin. of Electric Web – An online tech. magazine for geeks.


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    Hi Apurva,
    Nice interview taken by you of such a great blogger for the newbies…the selection of questions is really good.
    But i wants to make some correction, in the 3rd question there you asked about the journey and there Suprabhat has mentioned tha date “11 Dec 2014” …Is it correct ?? as you have taken interview on “18 May 2014”..
    So, do correct it if it is wrong ..
    Although, thanks for this interview.. 🙂

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