Top 5 best high paying affiliate programs in 2014.

Top 5 best high paying affiliate programs in 2014.

These days affiliate marketing is one of the top ways from which bloggers are earning money. These programs are so flexible that you can even earn without having a blog!! Yes, you can promote your affiliate links/banners on social networking and bookmarking websites and earn easy commissions.

So, what affiliate marketing exactly is? Don’t have an idea? Well affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting other people/brands products on blogs, websites, social networking websites, etc etc. You earn a commission for each person who visits the the product page and buys that product. Quite easy, right?

Yes, it is really easy to earn money from affiliate marketing if do it in a correct manner, well here we will just discus about the programs, and I will tell you the “correct manner” some other time. Here we go:

Best high paying affiliate programs in 2014:

1) LinkShare

LinkShare affiliate program
Yes, again LinkShare took the #1 spot. Why? because they are the best! They have over 2500 affiliate programs. LinkShare has some of the most famous brands, Wallmart, Lego, AT&T as there clients. When you will sign up for this program you will have to place banners of their clients on your blog, when someone will visit the product page from that banner/link you will earn a commission. LinkShare got the #1 spot in 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 affiliate programs.

2) Amazon Associates

Amazon associate affiliate program
Well, you would have noticed Amazon banners and links on our blog. According to me it is the best program if you get high traffic from the US. The best part is that you can generate various types of banners. You can choose from ready-made banners, can create an automatic banner for a particular product, use only a product image, use only text, or place multiple banners is a single widget to place on your blog. The banners are responsive and are available in all possible sizes. The commissions range from 4 to 10 percent.

3) Flipkart affiliate program

Flipkart affiliate program
Even spotted this on our blog, right? Yes, Flipkart Affiliate Program is the #1 affiliate program if you get high traffic from India as Flipkart is an Indian company currently providing services only in India. They have commission rates form 3% to 10% and you can earn a lot from marketing devices like Moto E which is available for sale only on in India. And yes, they pay quickly.

4) Commission Junction

commission junction affiliate program
Just like LinkShare they have huge number of clients. They got #2 position in 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 affiliate programs. It is the largest affiliate network in North America but their services are offered all around the web. They also have PayPerCall program. Here is what it exactly is:

Our Pay Per Call tracking solutions enable publishers to promote advertiser products and services through a variety of distribution channels via unique, trackable, toll-free numbers.

And you can even get conversion rates as high as 50%.

5) BlueHost affiliate program

Bluehost affiliate program

What seriously, BlueHost? I’ve not even herd about their affiliate program. Blah Blah Blah. Trust me, it is the best affiliate program is you are trying to sell hosting domains, etc. They have not been listed in the Blue Book, but I have seen people becoming successful with this program. They paid out $5 million last year and their tracking tools are amazing. Go ahead, give it a try.

So, this is the end of the list. Soon I will write a post on how to make real money from these programs using your blog as well as websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

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