Top 5 SEO optimized responsive templates for Blogger.

Top+5+SEO+optimized+responsive+templates+for+Blogger+BlogspotAccording to the top SEO experts – Imran Uddin, Pat Flynn and Neil Patel, if you chose the right template for your blog then you have already completed 50% of your work! We all want a beautiful and professional looking template for our blog, but is that it? No! You have to see the following things while choosing a template:-

  • Responsive
  • Professional design
  • SEO optimized
  • No encryption, so that you can edit each and every part.
  • Not too many scripts and it will be good if it does not have credits on the footer.
  • No Mark-up errors

So, here I have made your work simple. You don’t need to Google a template which has all the characteristics I listed above. Simply chose the one which you like from the list below (NOTE: These are only for the Blogger platform):-

1) ATB responsive template for Blogger.

This is the best template out there. Designed by Imran Uddin himself, it scores a 100% in all the aspects. Yes, it is responsive, it has nothing encrypted, single script. SEO? Well, Imran designed it himself, and before shifting to WordPress he used this template on his own blogs. Believe me this is one of the most popular niche blog templates. Don’t belive me check out this list, all of them use this template:-

Main features of ATB responsive template:

  • This template is fully responsive.
  • Conditional loading of social sharing buttons.
  • Sticky post and suggested post for reducing bounce rate and increasing CTR.
  • 4 column footer.
  • Label separated posts.
  • Adsense ready.
  • Simple and clean design.
  • Auto alt tag generator script added.
  • It is FREE!


2) Dynamic Mag template for Blogspot/Blogger.

Designed by SEOBloggerTemplates it is, in my opinion, the most professional looking template. Just like ATB it has a responsive design and also has decent On-Page SEO. If you are looking for a professional looking template which has well documented labels then this is the best one. But if you are making an event-based niche blog then I won’t suggest you to go with this template, simply use ATB template.

Main features of Dynamic Mag:

  • Fully responsive.
  • Automatic post slider on homepage.
  • Label separated posts.
  • Footer credits can be removed by paying only $15 .


3) New Mashable Blogger template.

Ever heard of the famous tech blog Mashable? Well, the developer – SEOBloggerTemplates has tried to use their theme and looks in this template, but not their code. Yes, of course it is not exactly like Mashable. It is well optimized when it comes to SEO. It rather gives a Web Magazine kind of feel.

Main features of New Mashable Blogger template:

  • 3 column footer.
  • Proper grid layout for posts.
  • Floating navigation bar/menu.
  • Nice page speed.
  • Threaded comment style.
  • Adsense ready.
  • You can get footer credits removed for $10.


Some other templates to have a look at.

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