How to drive massive traffic from Stumble Upon to your blog.

Social bookmarking websites are a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Bloggers usually use social bookmarking websites to promote their new articles. But did you know that getting traffic from Stumble Upon is a piece of cake?? Yes, it is really simple to get traffic from that discovery search engine. Stumble Upon has over 25 million users, with US people in majority.

Even I use Stumble Upon occasionally to drive traffic on my blog. The highest real time I’ve got is around 90 (US, Canada and India) and I have got around 200 visitors, and over 280 page views this week.


 (NOTE:- You can even get 1K+ visitors from Stumble Upon by sharing your links regularly or spamming, but too much traffic from stumble upon will increase your bounce rate.)

How to get traffic from Stumble Upon to your blog.

Just follow the steps listed below… and see the traffic flowing:-
  1. Go to Stumble Upon and log in (create an account if you don’t have one.)
  2. Then visit SU Downloads and download the toolbar for your browser and activate it.
  3. Copy the link of one of your blog posts you want to get traffic on
  4. Enable to toolbar, click on the arrow beside your profile picture, click on Add a page.How+to+drive+traffic+to+blog
  5. Paste the copied URL in the Web Page Address text box.
  6. Click Yes on the radio button (if you content is suitable for all types of audience.)
  7. Select an appropriate Interest, add Tags, and write a keyword rich comment.
  8. Then click on Add This Page button at the bottom.
  9. That’s it! You can add more links if you want. You can even make more than 1 account to get more traffic but keep the NOTE in mind. 
  10. Now sit back and enjoy high US traffic on your blog!
If you have any queries or want to give feedback then don’t hesitate to comment below. Remember – “Sharing is Caring.”
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