5 steps to increase Alexa rank of your blog.

Alexa is a website ranking system by Amazon. It is the most respectable website ranking system after Google PageRank (PR). In this article I am going to tell you 5 steps to increase the Alexa rank of your blog. But first yet us see how the Alexa ranking system really works to get the most out of it.

How does Alexa rank work?

Alexa ranks the websites and blogs by analyzing the number of people who visit the website/blog and have the Alexa toolbar installed. So, the more the visitors on your website have Alexa toolbar, the more your ranking will improve. 

Why is having a good Alexa rank important?

Many people think that as the Alexa rank of a website has nothing to do with Google PR or Indexing rate, so it is useless. It depends upon your perspective. Well, from my perspective it is a very important part (Our Alexa rank has improved from 14 Million to 530K in around a month!) Advertisers also give weightage to Alexa rank when providing Ads. and spon. posts.

5 steps on how to increase Alexa rank of your blog.

#1. Write a review on Alexa.

Yes, it has been seen that if you write a review of Alexa on your website (SEO optimized, make sure that it get’s indexed on major search engines) and give a link to Alexa.com then your website’s Alexa can improve. 
Note:- If you have a old website/blog (with good visitors and DA & PA) then you can even write on,”Tips to improve Alexa.”

#2. Be consistent, write regularly.

It is highly recommended to update your blog regularly, both to increase and hold steady your Alexa rank. Ranks once lost, are hard to regain. For example, the Alexa rank of famous tech. blog AllTechTricks decreased from 19K to 22K because the Admin (Vinay Goud) did not update the blog for around a month (the blog experienced less decrease in ranking as AllTechTricks is a very high authority blog with millions of visitors every month.

#3. Add Alexa widget on your Blog.

I recommend you to put Alexa widget on your blog as Alexa counts only those hits that pass through their system.

#4. Write quality posts, and do quality promotion.

It is obvious that if you write quality and new articles then bloggers will automatically link back to you, which will inturn help in increasing Alexa rank. Also promoting your article on Social networking websites and web 2.0 websites can get you targeted traffic (from tech. guys), increase your rank to a greater extent.

#5 Get traffic from Bloggers and webmasters – Boost your Alexa!!

Do you remember how Alexa works? Well the ranking depends on the no of people with Alexa toolbars who visit your blog. Well, who the hell uses Alexa toolbar? Bloggers, webmasters, tech geeks and coders. You have found the key to have an Alexa rank below 20K!! Getting traffic from people who use Alexa toolbar (Bloggers, webmasters, tech geeks, etc.) will automatically improve your Alexa rank – to a GREATERRRR extent.
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