5 mistakes that I made in the starting of my blogging journey.

We all make mistakes, and actually I believe that making mistakes is very very important in our lives, as they say, as they later turn into the stepping stones for our success. Well, when I started my blogging journey, I made hell lots and lots of mistakes, sometimes blunder ones! But they are the only reason that today you guys are reading this post written by me.

So, this post is going to be divided into two main parts:-

  1. 5 mistakes that I made in starting of my blogging journey.
  2. And 1 mistake that pro bloggers of today made when they were getting started!!

Without wasting much of your time in unnecessary talks, here they are:-

10 Mistakes that I made as a newbie.

Well, I’m still a newbie 😛

Copying content

You all know that I strongly oppose copying content from other blogs, doing some tweaks and posting them as your own. Why? I have faced the consequences in the past. Copying content from a blog is equal to a theft! And if you perform this theft, your website will, sooner or later, have to go behind the bars (yes, it will get penalized.) And if, by chance, the guys from whose content you copied, sued you – Ammm…. I guess you know what follows! I stopped copying content way back, when I realized how bad act it was and how severe the consequences could be.

Not getting a custom domain from the beginning.

If you guys remember, ElectricWeb.Org was earlier ElectronicMashUp.blogspot.com, one should always start with a custom domain, as they help in indexing, building sit authority, you can check easily from where you are getting backlink and then improve you Off-Page SEO.

Not using a Responsive theme.

Responsive theme, are web design that are optimized for displaying smoothly (and correctly) on different devices of different widths. If required the design of the website is altered to make it fit and display correctly. When I started Electric Web it did not had a responsive theme and because of that I was losing lots of traffic! After I upgraded to a responsive theme I saw an increase in the traffic. Still, I do not have a very nice theme, but I am not going to change it till the time I get my own custom responsive theme.

Spamming for backlinks!

Actually I feel kind of ashamed to tell you this but I really spammed for making backlinks to Electric Web. At that time I did not really knew whether it was right or wrong and what are the consequences. For around one and a half month I spammed like HELL! I started ranking for many keywords, but soon, puuf… there was an algo update and Electric Web got penalized! Yes, it go penalized and after that I learnt what is the importance of backlinks, how backlinks actually play a role in SEO, and what are the white hat ways to create backlinks – Quality Content, Guest Posts, correct promotion of your articles/media.

Having a good blog design does not mean stuffing up the sidebar.

Every blog should I have a good deign and by a good design I do not mean that you should stuff your blog with silly widget as they may slow down your load time. By a good design I mean that one should have a clean, responsive, elegant blog design with good navigation and color scheme. Make sure that you give more emphasis on the content than the AdSense 😛 … earlier I had all the kind of goo there on my blog, now I only try n’ put the most important ones, and thus I see that the average time spent on my site has increased!!

Even our Pro Blogger made mistakes.

I made many mistakes. I copied content, I did not monetize my blog as I was unaware of it. When I created my first BlogSpot blog my only motto was to collect useful information from the web and put them on my blog as my own.

Tony John (http://www.techulator.com/)

The biggest mistake I did in my blogging career was, I never tried to build a brand for me. I was running .NET tutorial website for more than 10 years now. Whenever I attend interviews, every one knew my website. But when I said, I am the founder of it, they stared at me because they never heard of my name.

Arun Prabhudesai (http://www.trak.in/)

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first started was that I tried to emulate others popular bloggers at that time. Very soon I came to know that doing things that others are doing was never going to work. I see many bloggers doing the same today. They try to copy others, it may be style of writing or the type of content. My suggestion to them is – Be original, do what you are good at and create your own unique style. That will make you more successful rather than aping others.

Pradeep Kumar (CEO & Founder – Slashsquare)

I started my primary blog on Google’s Blogger platform, but as we started to become professional we decided that we should migrate to WordPress. I didn’t see any tutorial or seek anyone’s help for this migration, I think that’s the biggest mistake I did, I casually did the migration by taking backup, then exported and imported the files. After few days when I accessed my Google Webmaster Tools I could see almost 200+ broken links. I then realised that I did a crappy migration, which caused our blog’s permalink structure messy. Moral: It’s ok to seek help from anyone, don’t be afraid to learn.

Vinay Goud (http://www.alltechtricks.com)

Well every one makes mistakes. I also did many mistakes when I was newbie. The thing is that if you are able to find your mistakes and correct them, then your footsteps follow the path of success. From the many mistakes I did! I would like to present one Not Concentrating on SEO. Yes! When I entered into blogging I was a bit scared about this word. I just kept writing articles for more then 4 months, and then later I realized that it wont work any more, and then I started doing research on SEO and Internet Marketing, that changed my life within 2 months. Now I am exploring more and more ways to improve my revenue and knowledge. I suggest everyone, not to stick on a particular thing, you just keep finding new things, experiment with them, so that you can get good knowledge and command over the things happening around. Finally Apurva is one of my students! Feeling happy for that. Now he has some good knowledge on SEO and All The Best for everyone!!!!

Kulwant Nagi (http://www.bloggingcage.com/)

1. I didn’t start capturing leads till 16 months on my blog.
2. I wrote crapy articles (we all do this in starting days).
3. I used Fiverr link building gigs blindly, which ultimately hurted my blog badly.
4. I spend too many sleepless nights because I never asked any question from experts.
5. I didn’t pay attention to build my social media profile along the way.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai (http://www.mybloggertricks.com/)

It’s quite an interesting question! I committed many and I am so lucky that I did because they happened to help me in better establishing a small blog into an Online business.
The notable mistakes that I committed were:-

1) Keeping short-term goals
2) Checking stats on daily basis and getting demotivated with the progress.
3) Re-sharing news that was already dead.
4) Not adopting a unique publishing style.
5) Not understanding the power of social media and relying on Google alone.
6) Not keeping myself updated with the latest technology trends.
7) The worst mistake I ever committed was not connecting with offline audience, not conducting workshops in universities, giving public presentations or organizing events.

What always saved me was thanking God for showing me a new sunrise each day to try once more and keep moving forward!

I would say not starting a mailing list was my biggest mistake.

Siddharth Bagga (http://youtubecpa.com/)

I suffered from information overload when I was new… Too much in head and too little I applied practically.

 Enstine Muki (http://enstinemuki.com/)

The one mistake I did was not starting list building early enough. The earlier you start building a list, the better for you as a blogger.

Krishna Moorthy D (http://www.blogbeatz.com)

I was not sharing my articles on Facebook and on any social media when I was newbie.

Anurag Balagam (http://www.burptech.com/)

My first mistake when I started was that… I didn’t enable robots.txt and header tags… I didn’t even knew what it was… now it seems silly though.

Harshil Barot (http://www.justwebworld.com/

I didn’t knew any SEO strategy when I was a newbie, I just wrote and published!

Howdy! I’m Apurva Nagar a Blogger, Technology Geek, and Coding Enthusiast. I simply love anything related to computer science. I am the Founder and Admin. of Electric Web – An online tech. magazine for geeks.


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