How to migrate/transfer blog from BlogSpot to WordPress without losing ranking.

Migrate blog from BlogSpot to WordPress without losing rankings.
BlogSpot is a great platform for beginners, but as your blog grows you will “naturally” want to get full control over your blog, and the WordPress is the best CMS that gives you full control over your blog and also provides more functionalists as it has many plugins and themes, and also a larger and highly active community. In this tutorial I will guide you through the process of transferring your your blog from BlogSpot to WordPress.

Buy a web hosting for WordPress.

Yes, for getting your blog live on WordPress you will need to buy a hosting. I recommend you to buy a shared hosting and not get a dedicated server till the time your blog is not TechCrunch or Wired. The best hosting providers are:-

All of the companies listed above are the best but BlueHost, DreamHost, Digital Ocean are a little costly, and GoDaddy is a good alternative, their hosting service starts from just Rs.100/month 🙂

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Create a WordPress site.

Now you will need to create a new WordPress site. This can be done easily, if you have bought GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting then you can activate your site by just a single click. Now, the real work starts…

Import all you data from BlogSpot to WordPress.

Open the dashboard of your newly setup WordPress site/blog. Now head to “Tools >> Blogger”, now Authorize WordPress to access your Blogger posts and comments. You will see, that in a minute or two (depending on the size of your blog) all of your post and comments will be transferred to your new WordPress blog, now choose a default author for all the posts. Yipee, you just transfered all of your data from Blogger to WordPress. But there is more to migrating…

Now head over to your Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Retrieve to Classic Template. Now copy past the code below instead of the code given:

IMPORTANT NOTE – Replace all occurrences of with your blog’s domain name. Click on Save.

Now head to your WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance >> Editor now open the functions.php file and at the bottom of it paste the following code:

Above php code from Copyright Amit Agarwal. Save changes.

Now we have added redirection capabilities to our old Blogger template. Now your old blog URL should redirect you to your new WordPress blog. And yes you will not loose any rankings as all your old posts and links are now passing juice to your new blog. All photos will appear are they are displayed from a particular URL.

Change RSS feed from BlogSpot to WordPress.

As you have transfered your blog to a new URL the feed of your RSS will change. To switch your RSS feed from BlogSpot to WordPress head to Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Post Feed Redirect URL. Here copy/paste the URL of your new feed, it should probably be like: http://www.yourwebsite.tld/feed/ [tld – Top Level Domain]

If you were using FeedBurner then open your FeedBurner account and replace the old feed url with the new one.

Hurray, you did it!

Oh, yes you have now successfully transferred your old Blogger blog to WordPress – Welcome to the WordPress community. So we transfered all our posts, comments and images from Blogger to WordPress, redirected our old URL to our new one without losing rankings. We also switched our feed, not losing our old readers. If some of your friends or family members aren’t able to access your blog then it may be due to DNS Propagation, wait for 24 hours if the problem continues then contact your Hosting provider or us. If you face any problems or have any queries then feel free to ask using the comment box below.

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      Indeed Bharat… This is the vest way to migrate without loosing ur rankings and subscribers…. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment … Hope to see ur comments frequently on Electric Web.

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    Thanks Apurva for sharing such an informative post, but I’ve a question, what about permalinks structure in WordPress? will it be same as blogspot of should I need to do something else? like your url is like this: 2014/11/migrate-from-blogspot-to-wordpress.html how can I add .html in wordpress?

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      Hey Zunair,

      Sorry for the really late reply. No the permalink structure will not remain teh same when you switch from Blogger to WP. Go to > Settings > Structure > Permalink then use Custom Structure option and use the following code

      Hope this helps,
      Always ready to help you out,
      Apurva Nagar.

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    This information is impressive..I am inspired with your post writing style & how continuously you describe this topic. After reading your post,thanks for taking the time to discuss this,

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