Enable Reader mode in Chrome for Windows

Many times you may have noticed that some webpages that you try to visit are so flooded with Ads that you can’t even reach the main content which is very very irritating. Well, if that is your problem, then you should really read this post as it deals with the new Chrome reader mode(Distiller) which when enabled, removes all the Ads and other disturbing elements of a web page and allows you to focus on on the main text and images. This feature cannot be toggled directly as it is still in a developing phase but can be used through another method which I will describe here.


Step 1-Locate the shortcut to chrome that you use or create one if you open it directly from the directory(which you probably don’t).  Right click and open its Properties.Change target

Step 2-Now we have to edit the Target. Add a space after the whole path and then add the following words-


Click on Apply. Close all instances of Chrome and Google-related programs.

Step 3-Open Chrome through the shortcut you created/edited. Now open the website which you think has many Ads or disturbing elements. Click on the three-lines icon on the top right corner of the Chrome window and click on “Distill page”.

Distill page


And voila !! what you get is this:

Distill mode enabled.

These were quite lucid instructions but if you still have any problems, the comments section is always there to share them! You can use Ad Blocker Plus plugin as a replacement to this feature but it only disables the Ads and there maybe many other annoying things in a web site and this is where this new Chrome feature can help you out.

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