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About Us

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Electric Web is an online tech magazine that was founded in October 2013 by Apurva Nagar and Shashwat Lahiri. They live in India, Lucknow. Both of them are tech geeks, gamers, Internet enthusiasts and self-taught coders. They started this blog in vacations as a hobby but later blogging turned into their passion. They started writing articles related to Computer tricks and hacks, Google, SEO, Blogger platform, Web development, games, and even Hacking(news). Now Electric Web serves thousands of geeks online.

Our aim: We are not just another Blogger blog! We are not here to just earn quick bucks! Yes we want to make it BIG! Our aim is to make this world more technological. That is why we are always informing you of the latest tech. news but we are also keen in the field of web development. We want to make this world, this web a better place.


Apurva Nagar

Apurva Nagar: CEO and Founder - Electric Web

Blogger, Web developer, SEO expert, Gamer.

Good habits of Nagar – Hardworking, has knowledge of latest tech, does not sleep till his code compiles.

Bad habits of Nagar – Eats only FAST FOOD, doesn’t teach anything for free (until you are very much interested or hardworking!).

Connect with him – Facebook | Google + | or just Drop a mail.


Shashwat Lahiri


Shashwat Lahiri

Blogger, Web designer, Pro Gamer, SMM expert

Good habits of Lahiri- Updated of latest tech, sincere, does not sleep till he clears all the levels of Flappy Bird(again!).

Bad habits of Lahiri- Eats all the food available, if you mess with him………….may GOD help ya.

Connect with him- Facebook | Google + | or just Drop a mail.

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