Of Guards And Thieves – Online Stealth/Action Indie game by Subvert Games

After searching, appraising, downloading, testing, and playing many free indie games by various studios all over the cyberspace (all the pains taken for your convenience, so you're welcome) I came across Of Guards And Thieves... A Stealth/Action Online Multiplayer game that is good enough to keep you at the edge of your seats for hours. Initially you might have your backside smitten by the seasoned players of the game but it won't take long (fifteen minutes max, hehe) before you turn the … [Read more...]

Call of Duty : Ghosts – A concise version of my mulling over the minimum system requirements.

The minimum system requirements for the newest installment to the Call of Duty series - CoD: Ghosts - which were initially declared unofficial have been finalized. They were confirmed at NVIDIA's GeForce website, as before. To me they seem a little too 'next-gen'. Here is a comparison of the minimum system requirements of Battlefield 4 and CoD: Ghosts, I'm not oblivious to the CoD vs. BF squabbles, but this seemed a good way to  coherently express my point.Call of Duty : Ghosts   … [Read more...]

Scirra Construct – Design your own 2D game.

First things first- this is not a 'make-superb-game-in-minutes' piece of software.Scirra's Construct Classic might be a little outdated considering that Construct 2 is already out, but it still packs a powerful punch and most importantly, it's and open-source software. Eager people might be more inclined to develop something in Construct 2 or even 3D, I don't recommend that.Construct is a simple software very suitable for familiarizing yourself with the rudiments of 2D game development and then … [Read more...]