How to migrate/transfer blog from BlogSpot to WordPress without losing ranking.

BlogSpot is a great platform for beginners, but as your blog grows you will "naturally" want to get full control over your blog, and the WordPress is the best CMS that gives you full control over your blog and also provides more functionalists as it has many plugins and themes, and also a larger and highly active community. In this tutorial I will guide you through the process of transferring your your blog from BlogSpot to WordPress. Buy a web hosting for WordPress. Yes, for getting your blog … [Read more...]

GoDaddy – The best Managed WordPress Hosting company.

So after reading our Tutorial on How to migrate from BlogSpot to WordPress, you have decided to got for it! Good, we appreciate it and in this post we are going to tell you about the best Managed WordPress Hosting and Domain Registration company. Yeah, you guessed it right, it is, Go Daddy - A robust WordPress Hosting Company. We use their hosting personally on Electric Web and all we have to say about it is, It's awesome and worth the money. We are going to break this post in two main … [Read more...]

How to create a complete backup of your Blogger blog.

Hello guys, after a long time I am back again we are back again with an awesome article. There are tons of bloggers who are using the BlogSpot/Blogger platform (We are one of them.) One of the major disadvantages of Blogger is that it does not give you full control over your blog. And thus, it is very important to create a backup of your blog. In this post I will be telling you why should you create a backup and how. Why should you create the backup of your Blogger blog. Unlike WordPress, … [Read more...]

How I got approved Adsense account in the very first go and how you can get it too.

Hey, I am back with an awesome post. Ya, I know that it has been long since I last posted and that was because of three reasons:- My school started and I got lots of homework. I had to complete some article writing contracts. And, I got punched by Adsense! What exactly is Adsense program? Adsense is a simple advertisement program by Google, Inc. It is a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) program that can be used by publishers of all scales. One is able to display user-interest targeted text and/or … [Read more...]

How to drive massive traffic from Stumble Upon to your blog.

Social bookmarking websites are a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Bloggers usually use social bookmarking websites to promote their new articles. But did you know that getting traffic from Stumble Upon is a piece of cake?? Yes, it is really simple to get traffic from that discovery search engine. Stumble Upon has over 25 million users, with US people in majority.Even I use Stumble Upon occasionally to drive traffic on my blog. The highest real time I've got is around 90 (US, Canada and … [Read more...]

5 steps to increase Alexa rank of your blog.

Alexa is a website ranking system by Amazon. It is the most respectable website ranking system after Google PageRank (PR). In this article I am going to tell you 5 steps to increase the Alexa rank of your blog. But first yet us see how the Alexa ranking system really works to get the most out of it.How does Alexa rank work?Alexa ranks the websites and blogs by analyzing the number of people who visit the website/blog and have the Alexa toolbar installed. So, the more the visitors on your website … [Read more...]

How to make money with affiliate marketing using social websites.

Yes, just as I promised in our earlier post - "Top 5 best affiliate programs in 2014." today I will tell you how to make money with affiliate marketing. It is not necessary to have a blog! Yes, you can even earn using social websites like Facebook and Twitter.But before that there are a few points that you should keep in mind:Build authority for your niche.Try to build a mailing list.Write review on things related to your niche and make sure that the product is best.Enrich your review with … [Read more...]

Top 5 best high paying affiliate programs in 2014.

These days affiliate marketing is one of the top ways from which bloggers are earning money. These programs are so flexible that you can even earn without having a blog!! Yes, you can promote your affiliate links/banners on social networking and bookmarking websites and earn easy commissions.So, what affiliate marketing exactly is? Don't have an idea? Well affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting other people/brands products on blogs, websites, social networking websites, etc etc. You earn a … [Read more...]

How to do keyword research using Google Adwords keyword planner.

Keyword research is one of the most important part of SEO. It doesn't matter how good your article is, if lyou haven't done proper keyword research then your posts will surely not get indexed in Google or any other major search engine, even if they do you will find them on 8th or perhaps 10th page. The solution: Do keyword research using Google keyword planner, a tool provided by Google Adwords.So, basically the Adwords keyword planner tool is for finding highly searched but low competition … [Read more...]

Top 5 SEO optimized responsive templates for Blogger.

According to the top SEO experts - Imran Uddin, Pat Flynn and Neil Patel, if you chose the right template for your blog then you have already completed 50% of your work! We all want a beautiful and professional looking template for our blog, but is that it? No! You have to see the following things while choosing a template:- Responsive Professional design SEO optimized No encryption, so that you can edit each and every part. Not too many scripts and it will be good if it does not … [Read more...]