Chet Kanojia – The man behind the worlds smallest T.V. reception antennae.

Chet Kanojia started a company two years ago and then developed the worlds smallest T.V. reception antennae that would pick up broadcasters channels for free. When he took this idea to America's some of the biggest T.V. broadcasters, they according to Kanojia, simply replied - "We'll see you in court". In one corner will be powerful broadcasting companies like - ABC, NBC, CBS and on the other will be the founder of Aereo - Chet Kanojia. The companies have filed the … [Read more...]

After the Samsung gear, Samsung is trying to Make something like the Google glasses

Really, Samsung has filed a design patent in Korea for “Sports Glasses” that look a lot like Google Glasses.The Samsung Gear smartwatch was not as hit in the market but lets how this new product will be. Of course, you know that Samsung will sell it in much lesser price than Google's $1500.Also, the so called "Sport Glasses" bear a great resemblance to the Google Glasses. But yes, though it would be more affordable but I don"t think that Samsung will give the Customer Support that Google … [Read more...]

After the Glass, Google plans to launch smart watch – the Google Gem.

The search engine giant Google may launch its all new smart watch, the Google Gem. It is reposted that isn't will run on the latest  version of Android - 4.4 KitKat. According to the websiteAndroid Police, the watch is part of the Google Nexus brand, and it will be released on October 31, this year! While the Glass is yet to be released; Fox News reported that Google publish a patent of a smartwatch about some months ago. They also reported that it has Two touchpads and a wrist band that … [Read more...]

Google Glasses

1.Say “take a picture” to take a picture.2.Record what you see hands-free.3.Share what you see live.4.Directions right in front of you.5.Speak to send a message.6.Ask whatever you want.7.Translate your voice.9.Strong and light.10.Evolutionary design.11.Available in Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, Sky colours.If you want to experience it click here. I really liked it. … [Read more...]