Important skills needed for cloud computing.

Hello, guys. I am back with one more post related to career of IT professionals. First I was going to write an article on:-"How to become an cloud computing expert." but the post would have been too long as I had to explain various points in detail. So, i decided to write this article:-"Very important skills needed for cloud computing."If you are reading this post, I believe that you know what cloud computing is, but still it is my duty to tell it to you. According to Google and … [Read more...]

How to install/setup Python in Windows 7 professional.

Install python on windows

Python is a multipurpose, cross-platform High Level Language (HLL) which is used widely for scripting. But before you can start learning or working with python you should have it installed and set up on your computer. In this post I am going to tell you how to install/set up Python in Microsoft Windows 7 (professional).     Go to - and install the format supported by your your computer. In all the set up windows that appear, … [Read more...]

Samsung Trying To Beat Apple

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1(2014 Edition)It is the best tablet I have ever seen with stylus support. It's  stylus is very accurate on it's touchscreen allowing the user to annotate images and even scribble on them.It has full HD WQXGA (2560*1600px) display. Which provides crisp view of web sites and documents. But there aren't any apps for this display and even full-HD videos fall short. It even has an octa core processor that gives no issues in playing full HD videos and on multi … [Read more...]

Make your own Flappy Bird game without even knowing how to code.

Now even you can create your own, custom, Flappy Bird game without even knowing how to code. This activity was brought by a non-profit organization that wants to teach each and every person on this planet to code (know programming). They created this fun activity for people who are really newbies to computer programming, but even people who know how to code will like it. You can make your very own Flappy Bird game by attaching a few blocks of Scratch together, in the end you can … [Read more...]