Get the Sims 2 and GTR Evolution PC games for free

Electronic Arts announced that it will be ending support for The Sims 2. The people who already own the base game will get an upgrade to The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection which includes all its DLCs and people who don't have the base game they can get the game by following the simple steps provided here This offer is valid only till 31 July)-Get OriginOrigin is EA's Game client and digital distribution software and is quite similar to Ubisoft's UPlay and Steam. Create an origin account here if you … [Read more...]

Dead Space free till 8thMay!

The famous third-person shooter survival horror game - Dead Space (For PC) is free for everyone till 8th April. Thanks to my friend Shashwat Lahiri (the co-founder of this blog) for givng me this news. The game is orignal and it is 100% secure to download it as it is provided my - Origin. The download file size is (approx.) 7GB but it is worth it, after all it is FREE! Download your copy now- … [Read more...]