Websites to send free SMS via Internet – Top 3

send free sms

 These days people do lots of message chat on their phones, and sending many messages will cost you a lot especially when you are like me and send SMS to people across the world. Services like Whatsapp, Line and WeChat are available but, what if the person whom you want to send a SMS does not have Whatsapp or any other such instant messaging service installed on his handset?Then you use Websites to send free SMS via Internet. But, not all websites are reliable, most of them just save your number … [Read more...]

Its not your ROM or slow internet connection, Google servers are down.

Its not your phone's fault or the ROM or the slow internet connection so don't freak out. It appears that Google servers are down and many of you must have been noticing weird login errors, especially in the USA. But no need to worry we believe that the Google people will be fixing this problem soon. NOTE: this information is according to the reports given by  … [Read more...]