How to make a Chrome Extension – Make the famous ProKeys Chrome extension.

How to make a chrome extension

Chrome is the world's most popular browser and it has been given this place because it supports millions of plugins and extensions. Today we are going to learn How to make a Chrome Extension. There are very useful extensions out there, but when it comes to reducing the repetitive work there is only one - The ProKeys extension. With a Five Star rating and more than 300+ users ProKeys is THE extension that you need to do your work quicker, swifter and in a better, productive manner. With features … [Read more...]

How to install/setup Python in Windows 7 professional.

Install python on windows

Python is a multipurpose, cross-platform High Level Language (HLL) which is used widely for scripting. But before you can start learning or working with python you should have it installed and set up on your computer. In this post I am going to tell you how to install/set up Python in Microsoft Windows 7 (professional).     Go to - and install the format supported by your your computer. In all the set up windows that appear, … [Read more...]