Low on memory? SanDisk reaches 512 GB

Well, SanDisk, as we all know, made the first 128 GB SD card and it seems that it has broken its own records. That is right SanDisk just launched 256 GB and 512 GB SD cards ! Many mobiles have started supporting 4K recording and those videos need a lot of space and if you buy one of these SD cards you won't have to worry about memory. These new SD cards upto 90 MB/sec write and 95 MB/sec read speeds. 512 GB in a SD card, then what is the need of Hard Disks? Well, these SD cards are not quite … [Read more...]

Are you tight on Memory? SanDisk hits 128GB

 SanDisk has announced its 128 GB microSD card. Now, you are free to store as many as 20000 images and many-many Games. Till now there had been microSDs of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 GB but now, you get 128 GB. Although not many phones would support this but I think there will soon be software updates that will make this supported. Prices range from 30 USD to 200 USD and they will soon be available at BestBuy and Amazon. … [Read more...]