Google planning to reward users who allow deeper monitoring of their mobile habit.

Google may start a new service in which users of mobilephones who allow a close and deeper monitoring of their usage of mobile apps will be rewarded. The famous website Engadget  told that the internal name for this project is "Mobile Meter" and "utilizes iOS and Android apps that intelligently monitor app usage and web browsing habits and send the data back to Google." The website also told that this service will be optional and that users who want to take part will have to opt for … [Read more...]

The largest bounty – Microsoft pays hacking expert 100,000$ for detecting company’s security flaw.

After Facebook paying a bounty worth 12,500 USD to Arul Kumar for detecting a bug in the Social Networking giant, Microsoft has taken a step forward by giving 100,000USD to a hacking expert named James Forshaw for detecting a security flaw in the company's software. Reuter is reporting that this is the largest bounty awarded for such a work. Forshaw is the head of vulnerability research in a London based security consultancy firm Context Information Security. The computer giant … [Read more...]

Raipur’s ethical hacker in Google’s “Hall of fame”.

An ethical hacker from Raipur, Monendra Sahu has reportedly been added to Google's "Hall of fame" at 11th spot in the world. The code cracking master has hacked some of the most secure networks on the World Wide Web, like website of - Microsoft, Google, Nokia , Blackberry, Yahoo and many others. He was many times awarded by his targets and has received money prizes from some of the site given above which range from 100$ to 20000$ USD. The white hat is a mining … [Read more...]