Tsu- A growing Social Network that lets you earn !

People, these days, are busy in  their virtual lives. We all like social networking, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Google+. But, do you get anything by being social besides being a little famous? Tsu is a social network which you may like to use as it help you turn your fame into fortune. Tsu pays you 90% of what it earns through Ads, etc for every social action. So, you get some money for being followed, for getting likes, and also for reshares. A normal user spend 3-4 hours … [Read more...]

Twitter now for TV in India.

Airtel Digital TV has revealed that it has integrated Twitter with its digital TV offering for the first time. Now using this service users can Tweet while watching TV and can also view Tweets releated to their TV show as well. The best part of this service is that it has launched today( Tuesday - India) at no extra charge to subscribers. Jana Messerschmidt, Twitter’s VP of business development and platforms, said, “We are excited to see partners like Airtel innovating with our platform and … [Read more...]

Google’s “Share Endorsements” feature uses your face and name to advertise products.

The search engine giant Google is going to introduce a new feature named "Share Endorsements" and this feature will use your face, name and comments to advertise products. According to Google's new terms-of-service policy announced on Friday, this week; if you have ever reviewed a product, website, hotel, application, etc. on any of the Google service like Youtube, Google+, Google Play, etc you can become the next poster child for the product or the product brand. This feature will roll out on … [Read more...]

Facebook removes privacy option for users to hide their profile in search results.

Facebook has changed its privacy policy and according to the new policy the "Who can look up your timeline by name?" setting has been removed and this means that now strangers can view your profile in search results. The option has been removed from the accounts of the users who did not enable it last year and in fact, Facebook has announced that now it is removing this feature from all accounts! The privacy option was very necessary after the launch of the Graph Search on … [Read more...]

Youtube will now come on TV screen via DTH!

Google's major videos and media website YouTube, which already has a huge market in India, and now as said by YouTube's global director of platform partnerships, Francisco Varela, YouTube is and Google officials are in talk with the DTH ( Direct To Home ) cable providers to bring YouTube on TV screens. There were around 53 million DTH users by the end of last year, some of the leading DTH cable providers in India are - Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, Reliance Digital TV, Sun direct and … [Read more...]