How to download Temple Run free 2014 on PC/laptop for Windows XP, 7, 8 and Mac.

Temple Run is one of the most popular Android games out there, it is an auto-scroller game game for Android OS (also iOS, Windows, and some more.) But what if you don'y have an Android or smartphone! Or is your phone does not support the game! So here I will tell you how to Download Temple Run for PC free on your PC or Laptop for Windows and Mac. So here is goes:-Related Post:- Download Candy Crush Saga for PC free for Windows XP, 7, 8 and Mac.Download Temple Run for PC free (Windows XP, 7, … [Read more...]

Download WhatsApp for PC free Windows XP, 7, 8 and Mac

Yeah, you read that right this is:-"Download WhatsApp for PC free". The fastest growing messenger service which sent Mark Zuckerberg on a shopping spree is not limited to smartphones anymore! One can now use WhatsApp from the comfort of their PCs (Windows and probably Mac). We apologize to the Mac users,we could not test it on a Mac system, so we cannot promise that it will work for you.The main software which will make this happen is BlueStacks. It emulates an Android platform on a PC, … [Read more...]

Download Candy Crush Saga for PC free for Windows XP, 7, 8 and Mac.

Candy Crush Saga, this is the most delicious game I have ever played. The fact is that it is one of the most popular Android game. And 85% of the people who play this game get addicted to it. But sadly it is not available for direct download on PC. So, I came up with this quick tutorial following which you can download Candy Crush Saga for PC free this method will work for Windows and perhaps Mac too (we were not able to do the testing with Mac, it is a costly piece of beautiful machinery!!). … [Read more...]

Fun Facebook tricks and tips for 2014.

Facebook is the world's largest social networking website. Many of my friends started saying that Facebook is not as fun now, as it was wayback in 2009 or 2010. Well, we cyborgs get bored of the routine stuff. So, I decided to make a list of the best Facebook tricks, tips and secrets for 2014. You must be thinking that i will tell you the regular graph search and friend finder tricks? No! I and Mark personally sat down and found some of the best Facebook tricks and secrets that most people are … [Read more...]

How to create a folder with name con.

Have you ever tried to create a folder with name con? If you have then you probably know that it cannot be done. And this happens because you can't make folders or files that have "System Action" or "Device" references suchas con, nul and prn. And yes I by any chance did not meant conman :P.Now there are two method to create a folder/file with name con. Both the methods are explained below - 1) Method one: Using Command prompt -Open command prompt (cmd).Then type the line - (for example you … [Read more...]

Unlimited coins and keys in Subway Surfers (APKs)

We all know that Subway Surfers is one of the most popular Android games. It is a fun to play game, but have you ever wanted to unlock all the characters? or have you ever thought of having unlimited coins? I know you have, so what are you waiting for, just read the installation instructions given below and download them to get unlimited coins. Please follow the steps correctly.   Installation Guide:1) For safety reasons and for the new game to work properly you first have to … [Read more...]