Enable Reader mode in Chrome for Windows

Many times you may have noticed that some webpages that you try to visit are so flooded with Ads that you can't even reach the main content which is very very irritating. Well, if that is your problem, then you should really read this post as it deals with the new Chrome reader mode(Distiller) which when enabled, removes all the Ads and other disturbing elements of a web page and allows you to focus on on the main text and images. This feature cannot be toggled directly as it is still in a … [Read more...]

5 mistakes that I made in the starting of my blogging journey.

We all make mistakes, and actually I believe that making mistakes is very very important in our lives, as they say, as they later turn into the stepping stones for our success. Well, when I started my blogging journey, I made hell lots and lots of mistakes, sometimes blunder ones! But they are the only reason that today you guys are reading this post written by me. So, this post is going to be divided into two main parts:- 5 mistakes that I made in starting of my blogging … [Read more...]

6 tips to – Make your blog load faster

No one wants to visit a website that takes minutes to load. According to a study, most people will not view and spend time on your website or blog if it takes more than 10 - 15 seconds to load. If you make your website fast there are chances that you can increase your traffic. You will find lots of tips on the web related to making your website load time faster, many of them will give you silly codes (silly because they harm the on-page-SEO of your website) to put in your websites … [Read more...]

How to customize your Blogger blog (part 2)

If you have created a Blogger blog, then you must be knowing that the look of blogs made using Blogger is very unprofessional and will make you looks like an amateur in your subject. The templates offered by them are to simple and don't have good User Interface (UI). Now what do I actually mean by term "professional look" -Templates provided by BloggerThe looks of your website should be a very interactive one so that the audience interacts and this will increase the clicks and impressions on … [Read more...]

How to change the template of Blogger blog.

If you have created a Blogger blog, then you must be knowing that the look of blogs on Blogger is very dull and will make you look like an amateur. The default templates offered by them are too simple and don't have good UI.How To ChangeDownload the third-party template that you want for your blog.If the .XML file (of the template) is in a .zip folder, export it on your computer's desktop.Open the Dashboard of your Blogger blog ---> click on Backup/restore template. Then click once on "choose … [Read more...]

Top URL shortening services that Pay

Gone are the days when bloggers had just one program to earn revenue -"Gloogle AdSense", but now there are hundreds of programs each with different adantages and disadvantages. In the past years many URL shortening services have come up.Below is small list - 1) InfolinksThese are one of the biggest players on the web. These people don't just offer paying URL shortening service but they even give other types of ads.2) Adlock.inThese people are secod because they don't have all the ad. type offers … [Read more...]