Show your musical talent

Hey, I  was just browsing the web when I found two websites, one creates the lyrics for you and with the other on you can make song beats. Apurva created this- your  talent here- (for beats) creates lyrics.I created this- lyrics generator.( It's "not so good") … [Read more...]

WriteConnectIndia – Read more Write more.

Yesterday I was just surfing the net trying to find some free to read books when I found this amazing website called - WriteConnectIndia. While the website is made by a BA student of Lucknow university it is powered by a California based company, Xelcome. The best part of the website is that it offers FREE PUBLISHING to the authors and FREE READING for book lovers. The back draw of this website is that if you want to download the book you will have to spend some money. "WriteConnectIndia is … [Read more...]

Its not your ROM or slow internet connection, Google servers are down.

Its not your phone's fault or the ROM or the slow internet connection so don't freak out. It appears that Google servers are down and many of you must have been noticing weird login errors, especially in the USA. But no need to worry we believe that the Google people will be fixing this problem soon. NOTE: this information is according to the reports given by  … [Read more...]

Twitter now for TV in India.

Airtel Digital TV has revealed that it has integrated Twitter with its digital TV offering for the first time. Now using this service users can Tweet while watching TV and can also view Tweets releated to their TV show as well. The best part of this service is that it has launched today( Tuesday - India) at no extra charge to subscribers. Jana Messerschmidt, Twitter’s VP of business development and platforms, said, “We are excited to see partners like Airtel innovating with our platform and … [Read more...]

Google doodle celebrates 216th anniversary of the first parachute jump by Andre-Jacques Garnerin.

Google on Tuesday gave users an opportunity two experience the famous historic event - Worlds first parachute jump by Andre-Jacques Garnerin. The users can now make Andre's balloon move according to their wish using there left and right arrow keys. This interactive Google doodle represents the - "Garnerin’s feat on October 22, 1797, at Parc Monceau in Paris. The then 28-year-old rode a basket below a balloon and jumped from a height of 32,00 feet, using a frameless, seven-metre silk parachute. … [Read more...]

No need of Google Street View, Indian brothers launch – Wonobo.

It has been a while, since Google has been struggling with Indian authorities to gain permission for taking images of various cities across India. While the search engine giant continues its struggle, a small Indian mapping company, based in Mumbai has done all that Google had planned and even more for the top 54 Indian cities. Founded in 1995, by brothers - Sol and Sajid Malik, Genesys International has taken images of almost every street in the top 54 Indian cities and … [Read more...]