How to install an Operating System without formatting the Hard Disk ( in a Virtual Hard Disk )

Many of you may want to upgrade your operating system but cannot do so because you fear that all your data will be lost ( you do not have a backup of your data). Well, this will solve your problem. Here, you will be taught how to install an operating system into a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) without losing your data   Prerequisites:  Your computer should be running Windows 7 Your computer has a  decent amount of RAM  Your computer has a DVD Drive or can boot  from a pendrive. If you … [Read more...]

How to make Windows 7 look like Windows 8

To do this you will require- 1) are two folders, themes and extras.You will get readme in each folder, follow those and you will change your Win 7 to Win 8. BUT, do these at your own risk. These are tested on Windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1 & 3.First, do read all the things present in the extras … [Read more...]

Show your musical talent

Hey, I  was just browsing the web when I found two websites, one creates the lyrics for you and with the other on you can make song beats. Apurva created this- your  talent here- (for beats) creates lyrics.I created this- lyrics generator.( It's "not so good") … [Read more...]

Microsoft to stop support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014.

Microsoft has said that it will stop giving any technical assistance or automatic updates for one of its most popular operating system - Windows XP from April 8, 2014. Amrish Goyal, General Manager, Windows Business Group, Microsoft Corporation (India) have said, “with 100 days left, the security threat is going to get worse." The company requests its users to upgrade to Windows 7 or the latest Windows 8.1. "In India that Windows XP still has a penetration of 40-70 percent (34115 Indian PSU … [Read more...]

Microsoft Reportedly Looking To Put Windows Phone On Android Devices, Starting With HTC

A new report by Bloomberg claims that Microsoft has reached out to HTC to see if the company would be interested in adding Windows as a second OS to its Android handsets. It isn’t clear exactly how the two operating systems would share the handset, in terms of allowing dual-booting or making a user choose a default at device setup, but it’s a sign Redmond may be thinking about pulling out all the stops to get people using its mobile OS.These talks are in very early stages, according to … [Read more...]