Mainstream support for Windows 7 ends on January 13, 2015

Mainstream support is the five year period during which Microsoft provides free Updates, Security patches and fixes. After exiting  this phase Microsoft provides some years of extended support during which we get Security updates but other updates are often paid. The Mainstream Support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 and Windows Storage Server 2008 ends on January 13 and extended support for these products end on 14 January, 2020. End of support means there will be absolutely no … [Read more...]

How to make Windows 7 look like Windows 8

To do this you will require- 1) are two folders, themes and extras.You will get readme in each folder, follow those and you will change your Win 7 to Win 8. BUT, do these at your own risk. These are tested on Windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1 & 3.First, do read all the things present in the extras … [Read more...]