Chrome Extension Tutorial – About the Author & Testimonials.

So, now we are through the “How to Make Chrome Extension,” tutorial series, but do you wonder about the interest and hobbies of the developer of ProKeys?


About the Author

Gaurang Tandon is a teen-aged school going student from India, Lucknow. He is a classmate and friend of Apurva, and a friend of Shashwat. Apurva met Gaurang in his new school (CMS – City Montessori School, Lko.) Both had common interest like programming, computer technologies, and A.I. Gaurang is a fabulous coder and has mastery in JavaScript (you would have had encountered that in the tutorial 😛 ) and Chrome APIs. He calls himself a Mathematician, and is actually very good in maths and yes, Chess. He can play Chess and code all the time 😛

Have any questions? Or Feedback? Drop Gaurang[1guarangtandon[AT]] or Apurva[apurvanagar[AT]] a mail, or comment below!



Angel Pare

One of the best apps! Kudos to the developer.


Chris Malcom

Excellent. Works well. Much more reliable than similar extensions that I’ve tried. Also, more functionality than other extensions.
Michał Butkiewicz

Best thing since sliced bread! Thanks a lot!
Nimish Mishra

Well Done! Keep it up.
Jacob Baker

Great with writing Markdown!
Prakhar Dwivedi

 Well done!! A very fast and helpful extension.
Check more out here.

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