Chrome Extension Tutorials – Make the famous ProKeys Chrome extension.

learn to make chrome extension - ProKeys.Chrome is the world’s most popular browser and it has been given this place because it supports millions of plugins and extensions. There are very useful extensions out there, but when it comes to reducing the repetitive work there is only one – The ProKeys extension. With a Five Star rating and more than 300+ users ProKeys is THE extension that you need to do your work quicker, swifter and in a better, productive manner. With features like: Snippets, Placeholders, mathomania and many other productivity features included and to be included, there is no doubt that – ProKeys is the best in its category.

For many a days I was wanting to learn how to make Chrome Extensions and specially one like ProKeys and thus, I asked my friend Gaurang Tandon (Developer of ProKeys) to teach me, but as they say, Sharing is Caring, and my friend Gaurang was kind enough to share this tutorial with all the readers of Electric Web as an EXCLUSIVE (Only on Electric Web) series!!

But before we take you through the whole tutorial series, here is a video of ProKeys for ya’ll :-

So, what are you waiting for, learn from the experiences of the developer of Chrome extensions FOR FREE and build an automatic text expander for yourself!

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