Chrome Extension Tutorial – Gaurang to Electric Web and its readers!

Hello fellow Electric Web readers! You are reading me here at this awesome site – From this site, you can get all the info tech geeks – Apurva and Shashwat and all co-contributors – are up to date with the latest technology news and coding and geek stuff. I have a email subscription of their latest posts – I am glad they provide this service! – so I can catch up with the latest cool things happening everywhere. Add on top of it, free tutorials that they provide of various tech-related things! I highly recommend you get their email subscription!

If you are reading my post, you are possibly a programmer, or maybe, an aspiring Chrome App developer, I think it necessary to share with you some advices from my experience. Just remember these two important principles:

1) Learn to debug: This is the most important aspect of any successful programmer. They know how to debug their program. Learn to use breakpoints wisely, print messages to your console, see the stack trace, and the debugging will get done soon!

2) Never give up: I remember how I was about to give up on releasing the entire Mathomania feature because it wasn’t working in Gmail. However, I toiled day and night (a week to be exact), implemented many hacks, added large amount of code, deleted large amount of non-functional code, and finally made it successfully work in Gmail and many other sites!

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