Low on memory? SanDisk reaches 512 GB

Well, SanDisk, as we all know, made the first 128 GB SD card and it seems that it has broken its own records. That is right SanDisk just launched 256 GB and 512 GB SD cards ! Many mobiles have started supporting 4K recording and those videos need a lot of space and if you buy one of these SD cards you won't have to worry about memory. These new SD cards upto 90 MB/sec write and 95 MB/sec read speeds. 512 GB in a SD card, then what is the need of Hard Disks? Well, these SD cards are not quite … [Read more...]

How to create a complete backup of your Blogger blog.

Hello guys, after a long time I am back again we are back again with an awesome article. There are tons of bloggers who are using the BlogSpot/Blogger platform (We are one of them.) One of the major disadvantages of Blogger is that it does not give you full control over your blog. And thus, it is very important to create a backup of your blog. In this post I will be telling you why should you create a backup and how. Why should you create the backup of your Blogger blog. Unlike WordPress, … [Read more...]

How to install an Operating System without formatting the Hard Disk ( in a Virtual Hard Disk )

Many of you may want to upgrade your operating system but cannot do so because you fear that all your data will be lost ( you do not have a backup of your data). Well, this will solve your problem. Here, you will be taught how to install an operating system into a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) without losing your data   Prerequisites:  Your computer should be running Windows 7 Your computer has a  decent amount of RAM  Your computer has a DVD Drive or can boot  from a pendrive. If you … [Read more...]

Review of Xaomi Mi3 – 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 2.3GHz, Priced 14K – 20,000 sold out in 5 seconds!

Yes, it came with a Bang! Xaomi Mi3 is the phone which has created a wave in the market these days. Can you imagine 100,000 people registered for it on Flipkart and 20,000 got sold in about 5 seconds, that is around 4,000 Mi3's sold out in a second - Wow! Now, many people did not knew about the brand Xaomi before the launch of the Mi3 in India. Xaomi (Pronounced: sh-sh-ow-me) is a Chinese mobile and consumer electronics brand, Founder and CEO Lei Jun, who has now become China's 23rd richest man. … [Read more...]

5 mistakes that I made in the starting of my blogging journey.

We all make mistakes, and actually I believe that making mistakes is very very important in our lives, as they say, as they later turn into the stepping stones for our success. Well, when I started my blogging journey, I made hell lots and lots of mistakes, sometimes blunder ones! But they are the only reason that today you guys are reading this post written by me. So, this post is going to be divided into two main parts:- 5 mistakes that I made in starting of my blogging … [Read more...]

Get the Sims 2 and GTR Evolution PC games for free

Electronic Arts announced that it will be ending support for The Sims 2. The people who already own the base game will get an upgrade to The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection which includes all its DLCs and people who don't have the base game they can get the game by following the simple steps provided here This offer is valid only till 31 July)-Get OriginOrigin is EA's Game client and digital distribution software and is quite similar to Ubisoft's UPlay and Steam. Create an origin account here if you … [Read more...]

How I got approved Adsense account in the very first go and how you can get it too.

Hey, I am back with an awesome post. Ya, I know that it has been long since I last posted and that was because of three reasons:- My school started and I got lots of homework. I had to complete some article writing contracts. And, I got punched by Adsense! What exactly is Adsense program? Adsense is a simple advertisement program by Google, Inc. It is a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) program that can be used by publishers of all scales. One is able to display user-interest targeted text and/or … [Read more...]

Mainstream support for Windows 7 ends on January 13, 2015

Mainstream support is the five year period during which Microsoft provides free Updates, Security patches and fixes. After exiting  this phase Microsoft provides some years of extended support during which we get Security updates but other updates are often paid. The Mainstream Support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 and Windows Storage Server 2008 ends on January 13 and extended support for these products end on 14 January, 2020. End of support means there will be absolutely no … [Read more...]

Samsung unveils 4 new phones

The Korean giant, Samsung unveiled four new low-end, low-cost smartphones for people trying to avoid the high price tag of its previous flagships like Note 3, S5 and S4. On Monday, the tech giant unveiled the Galaxy Core II, Galaxy Star II, Galaxy Ace 4 and Galaxy Young II all of which have smaller displays and less powerful processors than those high-end phones but run the latest Android 4.4 KitKat. Samsung emphasized on affordability while making these phones. However, it the specific pricing … [Read more...]

How to drive massive traffic from Stumble Upon to your blog.

Social bookmarking websites are a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Bloggers usually use social bookmarking websites to promote their new articles. But did you know that getting traffic from Stumble Upon is a piece of cake?? Yes, it is really simple to get traffic from that discovery search engine. Stumble Upon has over 25 million users, with US people in majority.Even I use Stumble Upon occasionally to drive traffic on my blog. The highest real time I've got is around 90 (US, Canada and … [Read more...]